Virginia Military Institute, Class of 1994, Major in Physics
2012 Commonwealth Award – Excellence in Concrete, American Concrete Institute
Active father of three teenage kids who keep me very busy.  Enjoy obstacle course races, and physical fitness.


I have three teenaged children, two daughters and a son, and I love being a dad!  I enjoy spending as much time with them as possible.  I am an avid fitness  enthusiast and enjoy being outside.  I have completed triathlons, obstacle course races and CrossFit competitions.  I am also very active in the Fredericksburg Area Builders Association (FABA) and was the President in 2017.

I worked in corporate America for many years, and decided to build my own home in 2004.  I looked into different building technologies and determined that Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are the best way to build a home.  My background is in Physics and I recognized the geothermal benefits to the concrete core and strength of the walls to wind loads.  It has become my passion to build the most energy efficient homes for my clients.   My personal house is a net zero, (produces as much energy as it consumes).  We have photovoltaic “solar” panels and hot water collectors on the roof.

If you are interested in pursuing a net zero home, I believe an ICF home is the best structure.

Please feel free to contact me about how we can build your dream home.


Dave Phelps