Many of our clients asked if they could help finish their home themselves.  Over time we came up with three programs for different levels of completion for our clients.

Under Roof Phase:  This phase takes the home to under roof with windows, doors and interior framing.  This is best suited for someone with home building experience and a lot of time during the day to manage the project.  The owner is the General Contractor and is listed on the building permit, we are a sub contractor on the project.

Drywall Phase: This includes the under roof phase plus; rough in (HVAC, plumbing & electrical) and drywall.  The is a great cost saving option for our clients who just want to manage the trimming stages of their home.  Some of the items left would be the following; exterior finish, painting, floor covering, tile, trim, cabinets, counter tops and appliances etc.

Turn Key Phase: If you want to move into a finished home.