As technology continues to advance, it should be no surprise that there is now an app for your phone that can easily track and manage the energy use of your home.

Currently, The Square D™ by Schneider Electric Wiser Energy System is the only energy monitoring system that allows homeowners to view their energy use in real time.

The Square D™ Wiser Energy Hub is easily installable into new and existing load centers either through direct integration or an easy retrofit.

The energy hub works by connecting directly to an app in your phone which can present data to you via interactive graphs. These graphs allow you to track the energy consumption of up to eighteen appliances in your home, such as: water heaters, pool pumps, and HVAC. The app can also make it easy for you to detect if any appliance(s) begin to display abnormal energy use, that may require preventative maintenacnce.

The Square D™ provides customers peace of mind, knowing that all of their electric applications are operating safely and efficiently.

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