Well let me start by saying that the house has proved to be just what I wanted/needed.  I was able to reduce my utility costs by more than half of what I was paying at the old house.  The outside sounds have been reduced by at lease half.  The cost for the whole project was more than I expected but that was not due to the building of the house and could not be avoided.  It was also during the down turn for the prices for housing.  Dave was able to take our ideas and plans and make them into a ICF house of quality.  Since moving in we have found more to love about the house and its construction and wish that we would have taken the leap sooner.   This was not the first house that we had built but Dave gave us complete freedom in what we put into the house  and the way that it looked inside and out.  The other houses that we had built, the builder have their own plans and would not allow any or very few changes.  Dave was very easy to work with and was always willing to listen and make whatever changes that we wanted.  Also the time frame that Dave was able to follow gave us the opportunity to plan ahead and not have to wait to have the house finished.   We were also very fortunate as Spotsyvania had just passed a thing that ICF houses got a tax break.  Dave bend over backwards to keep us in the loop and get the break.  If I was asked if I would recommend Dave to be the builder for a ICF house I would have to say yes but not just for a ICF house but for any house that I might have built.  Dave is very easy to get along with and goes out of his way to accomplish the best and proper end results required for a quality built house.  I hope that this will help with future business but I feel that with Dave’s attitude and knowledge and his business knack that he really does not need to show any additional recommendations.  Thank you, Dave, for giving me the  opportunity to state my  likes and dislikes about my dealings with you building my house.