Designing and Building a Custom Home: Step by Step

Dave Phelps breaks down the process of designing and building a custom ICF home.

For first time home builders, the process is actually quite simple but can SEEM scary. Dave is going to walk you through the process every new custom home design and build goes through to ease some of those jitters.

Step one: DESIGN MEETING – This is where you and the designers discuss your dream home, lay down some ideas, and then a draw up a concise plan of the building.

Step two: BUDGET – The team will try to design the home around a working budget. After going over the plans with trade partners and suppliers, the team will come back to you with some final numbers. If those numbers are making you wince, it’s time to make design changes and whittle down costs until everyone is happy.

Step three: PERMITS – Permits are different depending on counties but essentially you’ll need permits for the structural plans for the house, health permits including a soil study & inspection of any wells and septic fields, a study of the type of soil on site including the compressibility of the soil, and finally a site plan permit.

Step four: CONSTRUCTION – Time to take all that fun stuff and turn it into reality!

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