How To Pick A Custom Home Builder

Some key points to focus on when committing to a two year relationship.

When picking a general contractor, it’s important to know the differences between the types of building companies. Production building companies created those cookie cutter, prefab homes. Semi production building companies are similar to the production building companies except their home plans are customizable. And a custom home building company, like ICF, takes abstract concepts and turns them into full custom homes from scratch.

If you decide to go with a custom build, keep in mind that you will spend at least 24 months working with that custom builder. Two years is a lot of time to work with anyone so here are some key points you want to focus on while choosing a contractor:

  • Pick a builder you can get along well with. If they feel like bad news right off the bat when they’re putting their best foot forward, imagine down the road!
  • Check their references and reviews. Other clients have worked with them before, use their knowledge to steer you in the right direction or to avoid a catastrophe.
  • Do they have good communication skills? – You’re going to want reasonably quick responses to emails, texts, phone calls, etc. Don’t work with someone who can’t give you a quick follow-up to your questions.
  • 2 year window – want someone you have good report rapport with

In general, just make sure you have a good rapport with any contractor you choose. Two years is quite the commitment to have to interact with someone on a near daily basis. If you can’t openly communicate your wishes to them and trust that they have your back, then you’re going to want to continue your builder shopping.

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