Building a Custom Pool with ICF

ICF Pool

Efficiency and durability are important for more than your home and business. That’s why it’s essential to consider ICF as a building material for all the structures in your life! Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) are so versatile in their styles, durability, and uses, they can be implemented in surprising ways. A good example of this is in the construction of pools.

It’s a great time to consider installing a pool and luckily, ICF constructed pools are a quick and easy build. In contrast to the usual pool building methods (shotcrete, precast, cast-in-place concrete, etc), ICF is vastly more energy efficient, quicker to install, and incredibly durable. The process of using ICF for pool construction is fast and simple, saving everyone time and money. Low maintenance is another perk of ICF building blocks being used for pool constructions.

Because of the versatility of the designs that can be created with ICF, the options are limitless! Unique shapes, deep walls, shallow pools, steps, accessories and more can be customized to build the pool of your dreams. As with any pool, the beginning of the project is excavating the land where the structure will go and laying down footer reinforcements in the base. Then ICF blocks are inserted around the walls of the pool, stacking up to the appropriate height/depth of the design. Horizontal and vertical rebar are inserted to ensure a solid construction and high walls are braced to maintain the integrity of the structure once concrete pouring begins, which is the next step. After which comes rough plumbing and electrical work.

After all of the pool construction is complete, it’s very important to seal the vinyl liner surfaces with a protective coating. This will help with the longevity of your pool and prevent damage to the walls and floor. Pool coatings typically don’t need replacement for ten or more years after the initial coating. A quality coating will assist in preventing leaks, algae, and mold within your pool, another plus side in terms of easy maintenance and simple upkeep.


Inspired by an article by FOX BLOCKS

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